The Incredible Paintings of Eva Germani

The Incredible Paintings of Eva Germani


“We can imagine everything, do everything, paint everything.”


Buying trips in France are hands down my favorite part of my job. The larger antique markets that we go to in France are only open for half the day.  Everyone unloads their trucks with art and antiques in the morning and dealers start packing up by 1:00pm. It is a race against time to find as many vintage treasures as you can in a finite period of time. A few years ago, as I was racing through the last building of the flea market in Montpellier, France, I stumbled upon an incredible Italian artist with her daughter packing up her paintings – her name was Eva Germani. I saw her in the nick of time and we stumbled through a conversation of mostly sign language, as I don’t speak Italian and she doesn’t speak English. I was able to make arrangements with her to have some pieces of her artwork shipped to Chateau Sonoma, and we have been carrying her artwork ever since. It’s such beautiful work and for obvious reasons, we can’t seem to keep it in store.



Eva was born in Riccione, a town on Italy’s Adriatic coast, in 1973. She has always been very creative and lives by this adage – “We can imagine everything, do everything, paint everything.” She studied and graduated from the School of Art in Pesaro, and later entered the world of restoration, working as an apprentice with many great masters of the past. From the Middle Ages to the 20th Century, she has worked on projects restoring interiors, including Cathedral of Perugia, Basilica of Loreto, and the temple Malatestiano of Rimini (just to name a few!)

What we love most about Eva’s work is that it has the ability to fit into nearly any environment and instantly bring it to life. Interior designers love using her pantone pieces for their spaces because they are simple to hang, are full of dreamy texture, and while she uses some color, her pieces remain beautifully neutral.

We are so excited have a new shipment of Eva’s one of a kind pieces on their way to the store, and we plan to have them available for purchase beginning February 13th. Follow us on Instagram to stay tuned for more details on Eva’s artwork – it’s safe to say these beautiful pieces will be going fast!


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