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French Bubble Club

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“Champagne makes you feel like it’s Sunday and there are better days around the corner.”


As many of you know, champagne is our drink of choice and we believe it goes with just about anything, anytime! We would like to share our love of this bubbly beverage and welcome you to join our Chateau Sonoma French Bubble Club. In partnership with blackpoolmatt’s wine club, we are thrilled to offer you 3 bottles of champagne 4 times per year. Each bottle is hand selected by Matthew Gaughan, whose connection with boutique champagne houses along with his exceptional palate has allowed him to curate an extraordinary mix of champagne and sparkling wines that are difficult to come by. Every quarter your champagne will be available for pick at Chateau on the Square or we offer an option for it to be shipped to you directly. We also plan to host one event per year on Bastille Day at Sarah’s Private Residence with live music and festive French Faire exclusively for our French Bubble Club Members.

*Each shipment will contain an in depth description of each bottle along with a recommended playlist.

French Bubble Club Pick Up Dates

at chateau on the square

March 14-16

Our July Pick Up Party will be on Saturday July 13th. Mark your calendars. Details to follow.

September 19-21

December 5-7

Please note - each shipment must be picked up with 2 weeks of the assigned pick-up date.


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