Living and Decorating with French Antiques

Living and Decorating with French Antiques

Living and decorating with French antiques is so gratifying. There is always that “Je ne sais quoi” the French are notorious for!


We love traveling throughout France in search of French antiques and objet d’art just as much as we love decorating with them in our own home and bringing them into the store for your pleasure. Using French antiques is a great way to bring elements of the past into a space and will set the room apart from any other. A piece with a built-in story that has stood the test of time and has acquired a patina that only adds to its beauty. Some of my favorite French antiques to decorate with are chandeliers, bird cages and unusual objet d’art.

French vintage chandelier and objet d'art

Vintage French chandeliers have always captured my attention and are omnipresent in Paris. You will find them everywhere! I love them in all shapes and sizes and over the years I have found my favorites at Montpelier Flea Market. Crystal chandeliers are particularly beautiful—they create a very moody environment in the evening and in a room that gets lots of sunlight during the day, the reflecting light dances on the walls and is mesmerizing.

French Antique French vintage chandelier

Vintage French bird cages are an obsession and I am not sure what came first…my love for the bird cage or the birds. Bird cages are such fun pieces to decorate with regardless of whether or not there are birds inside. The first hotel I ever went to in France had a birdcage hanging on the wall as a piece of art—it added dimension and character to the room and it was so whimsical. I have a collection in my house and use them on the wall, outside as yard art and they house my favorite birds in my kitchen nook. Two owl finches, two spice finches and a canary are who I get to wake up to every morning over coffee and we sing to our hearts out!

Chateau-22.jpg Chateau-20.jpg

I am also always on the hunt for just the unusual objet d’art that just speaks to me and is just something beautiful to look at. There is so much to be said with regard to surrounding yourself with beautiful things. It inspires, brings joy and even more meaning to this amazing life we have been given. Viva la France and all of the beautiful French antiques that have been imagined and created there!

Chateau-9.jpg Chateau-27.jpg

We will continue to bring more of our favorites to the shop so stop by Chateau Sonoma French Antiques when you feel like surrounding yourself with all things unique and French!


What are some of your favorite pieces to decorate with? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.




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